Real Estate integrates VR Headsets


New York commercial real estate projects are marked by fierce competition. Every real estate company  try to attract multinational companies to their projects. The latter examines a number of factors before signing on as a tenant. For real estate firms, every transaction means millions of dollars as revenue. This is why they are keeping no stone un-turned to attract paying tenants. Virtual Reality or VR is now increasingly playing a vital part in this matter.

Using life-like experience

One VR company, VirtualAPT, a startup, has utilized its proprietary software and its unique camera to craft 360 degree tours and videos for brokerage companies. The technology has been used for retail spaces and residential apartments. The virtual reality company has discovered that simply adding light fixtures and built-ins through virtual reality is not much effective in case of apartments. For commercial spaces, this is a wholly different story. It is extremely hard to envisage what the space would look like if inhabited. The new technology provides a life like experience to commercial raw space.

Brokers are using a virtual reality walk in experience for a number of addresses, including ultra-posh ones like as in Williamsburg. The beauty of this technology is that prospective tenants can put goggles on and enjoy what it means to be present on the floor after the building gets completed and the concerned office totally fitted out. This VR works even when the building is yet to exist in the real world, and is just after the planning stage.

Linking tenants to house owners

Architects are also using the VR technology to their fullest advantage. They are going all out to ensure that the prospective tenants could go through the real estate offering even if nothing exists at present in the real world. It is all about linking the empty floors to the correct audience. Prospective tenants are already changing the interior design in virtual reality to make it as they want it to be. To give an example, one client has changed the primary color decorated lobby into a bright white interior. The set up was complemented by rotating photo mural and blonde wood. 

Many architects are making mock-ups of available space where CAD or computer aided design drawings were first tweaked and then handed to a VR company. Prospective tenants can now stand in particular spots on each floor of the virtual building, and watch the empty spaces being decorated with renderings of modern chairs and desks. The level of detail is astonishing down to the windows and the floor.

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