Real-estate Prices on the Rise

The latest Home Price Index report was recently released by Black Knight Financial Services, Inc.’s Data & Analytics division. The report has used data from real estate transactions carried out in May 2016.

The Black Knight HPI analyzes sales data that is repeated from the country’s largest public records data set. It also scrutinizes the market-leading, loan-mortgaging performance data and produces the country’s most accurate measures of home prices that can be available and sends it to be utilized by both, disclosure as well as non-disclosure states. Property sales price information is not included in the non-disclosure states as part of their data that is made available to the public.

Here’s the list

– Home Prices have increased by 1.1 percent for the month; and have increased by 5.4 percent year-over-year.

– At $263K, the U.S. HPI has seen an increase of 31.7 percent and has risen from the bottom of the market and is just about 1.8 percent off as compared to the peak of June 2006.

– An increase of 1.9 percent in the HPI was seen in Idaho and a few neighboring cities and have experienced a slight increase in growth rates for the month. Idaho is followed closely by North Dakota with its HPI at 1.8 percent.

– Among the top-performing metro areas, Mountain States has dominated the month’s charts, and has accounted for eight of the Top 10 metro area.

– Only St. Louis and Missouri have registered a consistent year-over-year decline in home prices.

– All states as well as metro areas seem to have experienced positive price movements in the month of May. Among these, 15 of the 40 largest metros and six of the 20 largest states have hit new peaks.

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