Renewable Energy Under the Trump Administration

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Republican from Iowa, has criticized the Department of Energy (DOE) electric grid security study. The senator claims the study is intentionally biased against wind energy, and is designed to present renewable energy sources in a negative way.

Grassley wrote a letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry. According to The Hill, Secretary Perry has ordered to determine if certain renewable energy sources are hurting baseload power sources like coal and nuclear.

“I’m concerned that a hastily developed study, which appears to pre-determine that variable, renewable sources such as wind have undermined grid reliability, will not be viewed as credible, relevant or worthy of valuable taxpayer resources,” Grassley wrote.

“As the former governor of Texas, you surely have an appreciation for the enormous economic contributions wind energy is already providing in many parts of the country,” Grassley said.

The Trump administration is expected to pursue extensive cuts to federal government research on wind and solar energy, according to current and former Energy Department officials familiar with budget discussions. For example, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is expected to suffer a budget cut of about 70 percent in 2018.

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