Repeal Healthcare Bill Proposed by Republicans Fails to be Passed


According to U.S. President, Donald Trump, it is because of the Democrats that the bill for replacing Obamacare lost vote and suffered a major defeat. This is undoubtedly a major setback for the president who had proposed a new healthcare bill for substituting Obamacare. This was a result of the House Republicans failing to reach a consensus with regards to the replacement bill.

Democrats Vote Against Repeal Bill

A primary reason for the demise of the bill was the argument set forth by the House Freedom Caucus members, who stood ground in support of more proactive steps for lowering insurance costs and for dismantling central control of various insurance products.

At a later time, Trump told journalists that there was a shortage of ten to fifteen votes for the repeal bill to be passed and that there was absolutely no support from the Democrats. It was quite evident that the Trump administration had been putting significant effort in trying to achieve victory. On Friday, the Health Secretary, Tome Price and Vice President, Mike Pence, paid a visit to Capitol Hill to present a late appeal in front of House conservatives. However, their pleas failed to be heard.

Referring to the Senate and House Democratic leaders, Trump said that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the losers since they are now the owners of Obamacare.

Not a ‘Workable’ Bill

According to healthcare specialists from various political backgrounds, there was no way to work the repeal bill presented by the House Republicans and was marred with fatal errors. It could result in the Americans pulling out of the market for healthcare.

If the Republican bill was instituted, it would have revoked tax penalty for those who did not have health insurance. Further, it would have resulted in rolling back of federal insurance policy standards, reduction in subsidies for purchasing private insurance and establishment of new limits on Medicaid spending. The bill could have revoked several hundred billion dollars imposed by the ACA (Affordable Care Act) in taxes. It would have also repealed federal funds going into Planned Parenthood for a year.

According to the budget office, the law proposed by the Republicans would also lead to higher insurance premiums in the near future. For citizens nearing old age and retirement, this would mean a sharp rise in insurance expenses.

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