Republican Congressional Candidate charged with Assault

The Sheriff's department of Gallatin County has charged Greg Gianforte, the Congressional candidate from the Republican Party, with misdemeanor assault. Ben Jacobs, a Guardian newspaper reporter, said that the GOP hopeful have body slammed him on May 24. The polls close on May 25. The reporter reputedly asked him a question in Gianforte's campaign office. The assault was witnessed by three employees of Fox News. The latter were waiting for the chance to interview the candidate.

Body-slamming event

Alicia Acuna, a reporter employed by Fox News, said in the media website that Gianforte was supposed to get interviewed in his campaign headquarters. The media house thus sent a three person crew to interview him. The election is being held to fill the single House seat of the state. All three were shocked when the candidate punched Jacobs after the former slammed him to ground. The reporter from the Guardian has questioned Gianforte about the Republican health care bill. Post Jacob's departure, the candidate gave his apologies to the Fox crew.

Democrats and rebuttal

The body slamming incident did not go unnoticed by Democrats. They are launching a number of Facebook ads against the Republican candidate over this alleged body-slamming incident. According to the Democratic committee, it will focus on those Democrats who are less likely to vote in this special election. The party will spend maximum allowable quantum of money to target these Democrats. This will include the recording made by reporter Jacons while Gianforte reputedly slammed the former to ground.

Gianforte's campaign members have a different story to tell. They said that the two fell when they fought over a recorder. The reporter reputedly entered Gianforte's private office sans any permission. He then shoved Brian Gootkin, the Galian County Sheriff, said during the May 24 news conference that his department is unable to offer adequate information concerning the confrontation which happened between Ben Jacob and Greg Gianforte as the matter is still being investigated by the authorities.

If Gianforte is convicted, he could be asked to pay a fine amounting to $500. He could also be sentenced to six months in jail. In its statement, the Sheriff's department said that the injuries suffered by Jacob did not satisfy felony assault definitions. Democrats are now demanding that the GOP candidate for the Montana seat should quit since he attacked a reporter one day prior to the special election.

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