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Republican Congressman faces heat from the public against Trump’s policy stance

A good portion of the American public has made its views on President Trump very clear with ‘Not my President’ protest marches and virulent social media conversations against the new White House incumbent. In Virginia, this took the form of a heated exchange between the public and Dave Brat, the Congressman who was recently re- elected.

The ‘Brat Worst’ protest

It might sound like the name of a new revolution of sorts and the people protesting against the Congressman and President Trump probably wanted it that way when they invested hours, in some cases, to drive down to the town hall to Mr. Brat some questions about what they could expect. Protestors carried signs representing Mr. Brat as a sausage, a take on the term they are using to describe him- ‘BratWorst’. In particular, the constituents wanted to know how the healthcare plans could change in the future.

Coming on the heels of news that healthcare costs are all set to scale up at a faster pace than before, this has become a prime concern for many across America as it should. The major issue that the constituents pointed out is the complete ambiguity over what is going to happen. Until now, there has been no indication of what the President exactly plans to do about the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is popularly known. His campaign contained liberal mentions of how he was all for repealing the act but there has been no mention of what will be replacing it. Given this situation, the people are in the dark about what to expect. This leads to confusion about how to plan ahead for medical expenses.

Brat’s worst critics are the women constituents

Even Congressman Brat has been forced to acknowledge that he has been at the receiving end of severe criticism about President Trump, in general and his specific policy stance, in particular. Earlier, he had actually mentioned that female voters were vociferous in their criticism of the confusion about healthcare and constantly pressuring him about it.

In a bid to allay some of the tensions, Mr. Brat did attempt to address some of the issues raised by the constituents but the tempers were simply much too high for him to get through very effectively. He acknowledged that there was a lot of ‘anxiety’ on many fronts and said that his job was to allay those.