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Republican Presidential Candidates Meet in Las Vegas for Obama Bashing

Obama, President, GOPSeveral members of the Grand Old Party took to the public on Saturday, March 29 at a forum in Lag Vegas and dished out their grievances about President Barack Obama’s leadership in the US. New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, who seems rather eager to shake off the bad press that his administration received owing to the bridge scandal, complained that the President had deliberately weakened the country’s stature in the world.

The event  

The Republican forum at Las Vegas was the Republican Jewish Coalition – a group of well-known, elite and influential GOP activists and campaign donors. The meeting was held at the Venetian hotel and addressed by some of the big names from the Republican Party who are in queue for the presidential nominations of 2016.

While the people addressing the meeting were different, their message was unified – alarm and dismay over the approach used by President Obama and the White House to tackle matters of foreign policy and national security.             

Who said what?

NJ Governor Christie held that President Obama had let “bad people” control the world since the US was not playing a vigorous and active role in the world anymore. He was joined in by another Governor, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker in bashing President Obama and the Obama administration. He complained that America’s foreign policy unit under President Obama had failed to grasp an elementary yet important lesson which, according to Wisconsin Gov. Walker, every parent who has a child to discipline knows – no wavering.

Governor Walker warned that America’s foes would take action unless the foreign policy team strictly demonstrates that the US is strong. Former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida also complained about America’s “passivity” under President Obama. He held that reduced participation in world matters was not a path to security but disaster. He also complained of President Obama’s Pentagon-budget proposition that the levels of American troops be cut down and called it potentially disastrous.

Republican presidential candidates eyeing the support of Sheldon G. Adelson

While Obama bashing was one agenda, the meeting in Las Vegas had a very clear second agenda for the Republican candidates – soliciting the electoral affections of Sheldon G. Adelson.

Adelson is the owner of the Venetian hotel and a long standing member of the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition. The casino magnate has also been one of the top Republican donors for quite some time now and regularly sees Republican candidates contesting for his electoral affections.

Along with his wife, Mr. Adelson was the highest donor of the last presidential campaign, donating around $93 million to his favored Republican candidate. Other Republican attendees at the forum included former President George W. Bush and Governor of Ohio John R. Kasich.