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Republicans avoid Keeping House

Republicans in California, during the GOP convention in San Diego, talked about every issue under the sun except the most important of all- the possibility of Democrats regaining control of House by beating the GOP representatives. Instead, they discussed a lot of minor issues like blaming the Democrats for rising crime and the rising inequality of income. They even condemned a far-right candidate for the Senate who was hastily taken away by local security.

GOP actions

This does not mean all of those assembled Republicans do not wish to acknowledge it. One of them was Scott Baugh. He was one of the few Republican candidates whose name was seen along the many corridors with the walls covered with posters. Not a single one attended, including Kevin McCarthy, the Majority Leader and Republican elected from Bakersfield. If all things go in his favor, Baugh could be the next House speaker.

The Republicans- both politicians and activists- try to concentrate on issues which they believe will keep GOP loyalists busy and excited all through the general elections in November. Convention attendees sat in a meeting room sprinkled with telephones where they were encouraged to make the needed calls to the voters concerning a GOP effort to recall a specific Democratic state senator. The latter has helped to pass the new hike in the gas tax. The Republicans count on this issue to bring conservative voters come out of their shell to vote. Their aim is to keep the Congressional seats within the Republican fold.

GOP cards

Mimi Walters, a Representative elected from Irvine, and a Republican, was one of the few officials to acknowledge the coming fight. She did so from her position as dinner headliner. The Republican warned that Democrats are confident about the outcome this time and said they want not only a few seats from the Republicans but all of them. Many Republican Representatives are going to retire in 2018.  She said that it will not be possible for the GOP to win every race and there will be times when doubts may flood the mind.

Walters is clearly getting ready for the fight. When asked for an audio response, it was a lukewarm one. Republicans even now hold a few winning cards. One of them is their efforts to repeal an increase in the gas tax via a November ballot measure. Congressional Republicans helped to fund this measure. There is also a surge in the local opposition to “sanctuary state” law.