Republicans back vote hack investigations

Senior Republicans serving in Congress, including Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader and House Speaker respectively, have signaled that they fully support all investigations into the matter of Russian hackers trying to influence US election. Such claims were made by US intelligence but were pooh poohed by President Elect Donald Trump. If the CIA is to be believed, the hackers were Russian and they wanted to assist Trump to get the presidency.

Foreign interference not to be tolerated

Both Ryan and McConnell said that the intelligence committees headed by them will investigate such allegations. The latter said that any kind of national cyber security breach by foreign elements is disturbing and such efforts should be condemned. He added that the Russians are not friends to the United States. Ryan echoed the same points, and warned that the intelligence committee should not be exploited for any kind of “partisan purposes”.

President-Elect Trump said that remarks like these are politically motivated. He told media that such ridiculous reports were being disseminated by Democrats as they had lost the 2016 election. He egged his audience by saying what will be the reaction of such allegations if the Democrats won and the Republicans tried to play the CIA or Russia card. He said that it would be termed conspiracy theory at that time. Trump further added that unless the “hackers” are caught doing the hack, it will be extremely difficult to find out who was doing the hack. He further questioned why this issue was not raised before the election was conducted.

Nervous Trump

Analysts claim that Trump has a number of reasons to be nervous. The fact is that the President-Elect is passing through the doors to the White House enjoying a thin claim to be a president. Hillary Clinton, the Democrat losing candidate won by 2.8 million votes the popular mandate. Although Trump won a good win in the Electoral College, it is actually at the bottom end of victory margins- ranking 46th out of a total of about 58 presidential candidates.

This narrow margin is the reason why Trump was so vocal against allegations that hackers owing allegiance to the Russian Government has interfered in American politics so that elections can be swayed in the Republican’s favor. Any bid for recounts can be viewed as smashing the claim of legitimacy of a Trump victory. It is a fact that whatever be the findings of such an investigation, there will be a Trump presidency from January.

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