Republicans Face Pressure with Year-End Agenda Pending

There are few legislative days and a little over three weeks for the Republicans to face the midterm elections for 2018. At this point, the Republicans are in a critical position wherein they not only need approval for their combative tax reform and prevent an administrative closure but also return authority to those federal programs which have been caught up in politics.

The leadership of the party will be put to test as the countdown to 2018 continues. The GOP needs to decide whether it would like to be recognized as a fair governing body or a party that it is too busy participating in interparty debates and controversies with little time to focus on its actual function.

Lindsay Graham, the Republican Senator, was recently reported saying that the destiny of the governing party and the economy was in the hands of every Republican Senator. He also said that a tax reduction is the need of the economy and it is crucial for the Republicans to deliver. He is hopeful that the party will meet this need soon.

Bill on expenditure

On December 8, the government will run out of money. Members are already discussing a possible temporary extension that will allow the government to run till the lawmakers come up with a higher spending agreement before leaving for the festive holiday.

Even then, lawmakers do not have enough time to agree on a spending bill and prevent a Washington shutdown this Christmas.

Both Democrats and Republicans are trying to work their way through the federal expenditure caps for non-military and military funding. Also, a group of Democrats is pushing the inclusion of protections for those who have illegally entered America as children. These people had earlier received benefits owing to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program introduced during the Obama era.

Sexual abuse complaints

There have been multiple reports related to alleged sexual abuse against various Congress members in the recent times. This includes Al Franken, the Democratic Senator, who allegedly groped and kissed a media person, Leeann Tweeden. There was another startling report on Congressman, John Conyers, that accused him of settling an incorrect dismissal complaint back in 2015. He had allegedly harassed a staffer.

The tax reform is perhaps the focus of the legislation this year and something that the Republicans should definitely not mess up.

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