Republicans Move to End Obamacare Through Budget Reconciliation

After the conclusion of the 45th presidential election, and with Donald Trump being elected into presidency, democrats now face a dillema. Now, not only are the House and Senate Republican dominated, but also the executive. Mike pence, along with the republican representatives of the senate announced that one of their top priorities would be to end the Afforable Care Act that Obama worked so hard to achieve. 
Now, what does the Affordable Care Act actually do? The Affordable Care Act was designed to give American citizens access to high quality but affordable healthcare, and also to limit spending on private healthcare companies. About 20 million citizens are enrolled in this program, which costs the government about 110 billion dollars annually. 
Republicans want to repeal affordable care because they are against the subsidization of insurance coverage for those of lower income through distributing tax money of those of moderate to higher income levels. With the absence of a democratic president, the Republican controlled senate has annonced plans to pass a law that would sheild legislation aimed at cutting the budget assigned to Obamacare from a filibuster. Once passed, the Democratic party would have no way of stopping budget cuts and reforms. This, coupled with executive orders from Trump, would undoubetedly shift the healthcare system back into a market based economy.
Before the Affordable Care Act was put in place, at one point, 18% of all Americans, almost 1 in 5 people did not have any form of health insurance. By the second quarter of 2015, that number had dropped to only 11%. If the Affordable Care Act ends, millions of Americans who have just recently come to rely on this program would be unable to have quality healthcare.

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