Republicans Must Join Democrats to Lower Healthcare Costs

Health insurance companies now want to massively increase their rates across multiple states. These increases can be as much as a whopping 91 percent (Maryland). Even the average demand of about 60 percent makes it a death knell for poor Americans who can barely afford to pay healthcare premiums even now. Many anticipate that these companies will get their wish.

Trump support

The companies can make such demands as they know they have the support of President Trump and his Republican cohorts. From the first day of the Trump administration, the president and his team have always put special interests and partisan politics ahead of the patients. The Trump team has a single agenda in mind- the repeal of Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly known as Obamacare. The GOP tried multiple times in 2017 to pass bills enabling the increase of healthcare expenses and eliminating protections given to women. The rise of premiums would leave millions vulnerable to astronomical healthcare cost rises. What's worse, citizens are intentionally being confused so that they cannot make rational choices when it comes to selecting the best healthcare policy.

Republicans and Democrats

All of these were totally avoidable. Democrats have always asked the help of the GOP to make better healthcare. A few Republicans are even on board when it comes to such proposals. They want to help when it comes to lowering health care expenses and stabilize markets. Such proposals are, however, routinely blocked by Republican leaders. All the latter wants is to repeal the ACA. Repeated tries have been met with rebuffs like proposing extreme policies by the GOP leadership. These policies, if implemented, will raise seniors' premiums and assist insurers to retail junk insurance plans. The GOP also wants to limit freedom of women so that they cannot select the best suitable coverage. What was supposed to be an agreement signed between Republicans and Democrats turned out to be one between Vice President Pence and the GOP. These do not make for effective bipartisan policies.

It is apparent to anyone that bipartisanship inside the Congress was unsuccessful as GOP leaders insisted on opposing the ACA. They used the health of women to score political brownie points. A few Republicans have even admitted that they can never work with the Democrats when it comes to healthcare. This does not mean all is lost. A number of Republicans are interested in finding solutions. They are interested in helping the patients and not the special interest groups. These GOPs simply need to arrive at the negotiating table.

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