Republicans Shift Focus to Tax Reform

The Republicans are yet to come up with a health care plan that meets with everybody's approval and it appears as though this is a tall order. After repeated attempts, they have not yet been able to come up with a satisfactory proposal that could replace the Affordable Care Act and this is not something that they are proud of, at the moment. In a bid to take the heat off themselves and to switch the attention to an issue that may have more favorable outcomes for them, the Republicans are now keen to move on to the subject of tax reforms.

'Will be a successful process', say Republicans

The Republicans have categorically stated that their revamp of the tax code will be successful. The placement of John Kelly as Chief of Staff is also being seen as a means to bring in more discipline in the White House, which will translate into a greater ability to formulate and push through policies. The health care proposal has suffered heavily because of the lack of direction and the President apparently hopes that the tax reform will follow a different route under Kelly's strict guidance. With members of the party desperate for a legislative win before the midterm elections, it seems that Trump's focus on health care will be set aside in favor of bringing to completion a tax plan. Party members have been expressing their complete confidence in bringing out a sound tax reform plan soon.

Challenges to overcome before the tax plan can be finalized

However, there are many hurdles that the Republicans will have to cross before they can hope for a tax reform to be finalized. Chief among these challenges are the budget negotiations and the debt ceiling issue that join hands with many legislative complications to make passing a new tax brand an uphill task, for sure.

Reasonable deadline could be next year

Given all these hurdles, expecting a tax reform that is viable by the end of this year is quite foolish, it appears. The earliest that a tax reform can be formulated and presented is early next year, say experts. Even so, this will only be possible if things go fairly smoothly. As of now, many of the proposals that were made earlier have been scuttled. The latest one to face the ax is the import tax proposal, which could have made it difficult to cut taxes, as Trump promised to do.

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