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Retailers Gearing Up for Holiday Season in Advance

Black Friday, Discount, Customers, Retailers, WMTRetailers are already in panic mode looking at the poor second quarter revenue and are looking for ways to encourage shoppers, even though Christmas some time away. They are getting ready for the holiday season which is likely to offer plenty of attractive promotions and better sales than the previous year. This would obviously mean great news for shoppers who love their bargain deals.

Big discounts for customers

According to Britt Beemer, who is the chairman of the American Research Group, consumers are very conscious about saving funds. This year will see the majority of retailers trying to opt for sale strategies that are more upfront and aggressive. Consumers may even get better discounts as compared to the previous year.

Marketing Professor, Michael Bernacchi, further added that the logic is very simple: there will be no profit if there are no shoppers in the market. It is crucial to attracting customers whether online or in physical stores.

Previous year, there was a unique shopping scenario which had nearly two packed months of holiday selling. The season started on November 1, with Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) selling items which had been earlier saved for Black Friday. This was the first time that all the stores in the mall opened up for sale on Thanksgiving night rather than waiting for Black Friday, which marks the traditional beginning of the shopping season during the holidays.

The customer wooing starts

Kmart has already started encouraging shoppers to purchase by offering schemes such as ‘zero down-payment’ on those contracts that materialize by the coming Saturday. It also started the airing of its holiday advertisement at the beginning of this month to get the word around about the early start of the holiday shopping season. Social media reviews were extreme-either it was loved or completely hated by viewers.

On the other hand, Wal-Mart plans to all the checkout lanes at the front of the stores open at the time of the peak hours of shopping on weekends. This will start post-Thanksgiving and go on till the Weekend right before Christmas.

Wal-Mart has made efforts to alter and uplift its media strategy as well. Never before has the retailer called editors of gift guides for a grand event which displayed its best holiday offerings. In fact, in the previous week, Wal-Mart also released its list of premium toys that are being sold this holiday season.