Retirement Gets Harder, Thanks to the US Government

The United States Government have made it harder for employees to conserve money for their retirement. The latter, already battered by multiple financial crises, must now contend with the Treasury Department's decision to cancel myRA program. This was a beginner retirement account which came into existence only in 2015. Congress had repealed a rule earlier in 2017 which made it much easier for the states to make their own retirement accounts. A few experts are afraid that a new rule laid down by the Labor Department which needs financial advisers to compulsorily act in the best interest of their customers can also be cut. Anthony Webb of Retirement Equity Lab said that the action by the government indicates the general antipathy of the Trump administration to solve the pension crisis.

Pension shortfalls

The pension crisis is a grave one. Americans have a major shortfall to cover. Their retirement funds are less by $14 trillion than what is needed. The deficit has only risen with the going away of traditional pensions. The latter was under professional management and comparatively generous. The new pension schemes are made of 'defined contribution' plans. These include the 401(k) plans as well. When it comes to participating in these new plans, the process is a voluntary one and dependent on the employee. The result is that employees cannot save much. They also make poor investments and money is bled through fees. The average American household has a balance of about $40,000. According to experts, an average person should have approximately $700,000 at the cusp of retirement.


The MyRA was an IRA which was sponsored by the government. It provided a guaranteed and low return. The scheme was a small step taken to solve the retirement crisis in the USA. The program allowed participants to save a number of small amounts which would be too less to be a profitable one for the standard money manager. An owner of a MyRA must move the fund into a private account after it touches $15,000.

According to Mark Iwry, MyRa's principal architect, the scheme was designed to push the subscriber to roll into the private sector. The main idea was that the government will simply prime the cash pump. It will also function as an incubator for the smallest accounts. The program was valid for about 18 months. It squirreled away only $35 million distributed over 20,000 accounts.

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