Retirement Living Outside the US

Many US citizens are now retiring abroad. The biggest reason for this exit from America is affordability. There are also issues of premium quality of life which can be easily obtained outside the country. The countries these retirees go to are much more affordable to live. The new settlers could stretch their purchasing power of the pensions they get, along with their savings and social security too. It is important to note that this migration is for practical purposes and not as they dislike their own country.

Relocation logic

The US climate plays a major role in such relocation activity. It can swing between extremes. Winter months can be bitterly cold and summers can be blazing hot. This affects the cost of lIving expenses. The cost of transportation and utilities increase to the point of biting the finances of the retiree. Another factor for relocation is lower tax.

People relocate abroad from the US mainly due to affordability. It is easy to rent a condo in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico or a cabin in the Vilcabamba, Ecudaor. The cost of rent is a fraction of the same type of property found in the United States, like as in Florida Keys, or in Galveston, Texas. It is no wonder that many find the expatriate life much more appealing and comfortable.

US expatriates are found all over the world. They can be seen in Malaysia, Spain, Costa Rica and Uruguay among others. These are American citizens who love the United States but prefer to live better than they can ever be at home. Moreover they are get to enjpy

adventures which they could never have in their own country.

Climate and affordability

Many US citizens prefer Ecuador for its excllent climate. They retire to cities which are located at 8,000 feet elevation and encircled by the Andes Mountains.  However, as the cities are

also placed directly on the equator, there is little variation between days and nights all through the year. This climate eliminates the need for artificial climate control like air-conditioning and heating. Property taxes are also economical- less than $50 every year for a sprawling, comfortable condo. Public transportation is plentiful and inexpensive. This means that there is no compulsion to own or maintain a a vehicle. Insuring the vehicle does not arise at all. The local restaurants serve delicious and wholesome food at prices that are much less than the expense of only cooking for oneself in the US. 

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