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Right On Brands (RTON) Begins CBD Enriched ENDO Brands Distribution Across The State Of Nevada

Los Angeles, CA, June 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Right On Brands, Inc.™ (OTCQB: RTON) announced today that the company will begin marketing and sales distribution of the ENDO Brands product line starting July in the state of Nevada. This is Right On Brands’ first attempt to expand beyond the California footprint which is an area serviced by both of the companies’ distribution partners. 

Right On Brands, Inc.
Right On Brands, Inc.

A new run of the new look bottles of ENDO Brands’ ENDOWater® product is scheduled for production next week with new labeling and a certified CBD formulation. The ENDO Brands products will have an exciting new look thanks to the direction of a new design team. The ENDObrands.com website will soon relaunch with new artwork matching the new upgraded look of the bottles.

“Our distribution partners have done so well the ENDO Brands product line can be found in well over 100 retailers across California. The number of retailers that are selling the ENDO Brands product line is increasing at a steady rate,” states Daniel Crawford CEO. “Our distribution base in July will now extend beyond California, and we forecast exponential sales growth for ENDO Water due to our aggressive pricing, superior quality, and outstanding flavor. Our distribution partners are placing orders on future production to ensure a continuous stream of product as retailers are reporting the products are all selling through.”

About Right On Brands, Inc.:

Right On Brands, Inc.™, is a Los Angeles, California based consumer goods company specializing in the brand development of health conscious, hemp-based food and beverage products.  Right On Brands consists of four subsidiaries Humbly Hemp™, Endo Brands™, Humble Water Company™ and ENDO Labs™. 

Visit our corporate website at https://RightOnBrands.com.

Humbly Hemp™ is our snack line of hemp-based foods that will delight the palette of consumers and thrill retailers with Americas fastest growing food category. (Available on Amazon.com)

• Humbly Hemp™ snack bars are straightforward, delicious, and jam-packed with the best ingredients on earth. Each bar is kosher, vegan, soy free, dairy free, gluten-free, and free of all top 11 allergens. Our protein bars are based with Gluten Free Rolled Oats, Hemp seeds, and Plant Protein. We offer three flavors: Cinnamon Date, Berry Vanilla, and Cocoa + Sea Salt. 

Order Humbly Hemp at https://www.humblyhemp.com/

Endo Brands™ CBD’s are a healthy addition to increase wellness and balance in your life. CBD oil can now be formulated to be used in food, drink, and your favorite snacks. 

• Endo Water™ is pH balanced, micro-clustered for antioxidant protection and oxygenated for improved performance and energy. 

Available in four flavors: Pure, Lemon Lime, Cucumber, Watermelon

• Endo Drops are alcohol-free coconut oil based tinctures that are simply dropped right into your mouth. Tinctures are a convenient method of daily CBD supplementation. 

Available in three flavors: Berry, Ginger Citrus, and Mint.

Order Endo Brands products at https://www.endobrands.com/

Humble Water Company™ is proud to present the Earth’s Circle™ water project, a natural spring water sourced from a pristine ancient ice age aquifer at the foothills of the mighty Rocky Mountains located at the only triple watershed in North America. Our water source is surrounded by wilderness and protected by the Blackfeet Indians to provide the purest of water sources. The deep underground aquifer ensures Humble Water™ doesn’t require any man-manipulated purification processes. Humble Water™ is high in natural alkalinity and pure as the driven snow.  This product will be available soon.    

ENDO Labs™ offers fully supported “White Label” hemp-based products that can be customized for resellers with their custom packaging. Our prepackaged solutions fit your needs immediately, is cost effective and ready for easy deployment.    

For Right On Brands Distribution Contact:

Daniel Crawford: (424) 259-3521 

Interested Southern California retailers, please contact Statewide Beverage at:
(323) 767-1500

Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/humblyhemp/?fref=ts
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HumblyHemp?lang=en

Join in on the conversation at Investors Hangout: https://investorshangout.com/Right-On-Brands-Inc-RTON-91651/ 

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