Right wing ideas gaining ground in Australia

President Trump’s victory did not just cause a churn in the American political scene; it also appears to have had some major repercussions on world politics, especially in Australia. In Australia, people seem to be disenchanted with mainstream politics and the move away from traditional strategies and policies looks like it will favour Pauline Hanson. One of the reasons for this change in trend is the election of Trump whose hard line stance against immigration is seen as anti- convention yet many are supporting it.

Hanson’s One Nation garners more support

Pauline Hanson has always been vociferous about her stance on immigration and Aborigine welfare but until now, no one took her as a serious contender within the political arena mainly because her views are so unconventional. However, with the growing importance for right wing populist ideas, this situation is all set to change.

Hanson’s One nation has already bagged four seats in the Federal Senate and analysts are thinking that it could walk away with a fourth of the votes in Queensland state polls.

Interesting journey so far

Hanson’s journey has had its share of ups and downs so far. However, it should be remembered that One Nation did put up a good show at the 2016 election, in contrast with most of the other right wing parties that could only bag very tiny fractions of the vote. One Nation showed that it could recapture the magic that it wielded back in the 1990s when it was a very strong contender. The outfit did come back with a vengeance last year too, indicating that the people are probably ready for a change.

Deals between One Nation and Liberals

In another ground breaking move that tellingly showcases the transforming complexion of Australian politics, the Liberal party has made an alliance with One Nation. This deal will help the Liberal Party stay in the driver’s seat with respect to governance but also give One Nation a good chuck of the power in the upper house. This could work wonders to bring about a massive change in policies without deflating the economy because of the toppling of the conventional power seats. It remains to be seen if this is indeed a situation that will come into force. However, there is little doubt that One Nation is slowly yet steadily become a power to reckon with at the highest echelons with experts predicting that will garner even more votes this time around in Queensland than the 22% it got last time.

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