Rivalry Brewing Between New York Governor and City Mayor

A bizarre and uncivilized rivalry seems to be brewing between the governor of the state of New York, and the Mayor of the city of New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Mayor Bill De Blasio have been going at each other in a cold manner, trying to compete for popularity in the opinion polls. Recently, as part of the National Gun Violence Awareness month, the governor of the state of New York and the Mayor of the city of New York seemed to be trying to put on a larger show of solidarity by trying to outdo each others gesture of solidarity. 

Political bickering

The move by both politicians seemed to have been a form of political cold war with each trying to outdo the other, and seem more favorable in the eyes of the public. The opening salvo seemed to have come out of the governor’s office when he decided to outdo Mayor Bill De Balsio’s gesture of flying the city halls flag at half-mast. In retaliation to this, Governor Cuomo got in touch with the Port Authority to light the City Hall orange in color in order to display solidarity. He also got in touch with the one World Trade Center and tried to bring about some show of solidarity in the area.

Many political analysts see this as a probable bid for re-election. Bill De Blasio has been claimed to be eying the governor’s mansion of the state of New York for a while now, according to many reports. However, governor Andrew Cuomo wishes to put across the message very clearly about the intolerance of any competition. In any case it was unanimously agreed that the show of such political brownie point scoring in the light of one of America’s most horrible issues was in absolute poor taste.

A shameful message

The National gun violence awareness month was in its last day, during which the incident took place. The political rivalry between both politicians made the people of New York very uncomfortable and bitter. Both politicians were chastised by many correspondents of the mainstream media as well. Many experts and political satirists as well, made resounding comments about the feud that was picayune and in poor taste. Neither Mayor Bill de Balsio’s office, nor Governor Andrew Cuomo have agreed to offer any statement or answers ever since the feud became public.

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