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Robotiky, a New Way to Teach Coding to Kids

Coding, Robotiky, futureWith the way the world is evolving, technological advancements are a common occurrence. Smartphones and tech gadgets have become standard in our daily lives, and if you don’t know how to use them, you are quickly falling behind. However, these gadgets would not be able to function without proper coding, which is the field of the future. However, it is no secret that coding is a complex and bland subject to learn, so the creators of Robotiky have made a device that makes the process of learning a fun and interactive platform for kids.

What is Robotiky

Robotiky is a “small programmable robot, a toy at heart, which with the help of an online tutorials and games helps kids learn programming and robotics while they play,” according to Kickstarter, the website where start-ups get funding. The interface lets kids create programs to control the robot by dragging in blocks of code and then clicking to run their program on a software simulator to see what it’s going to do – before sending it to the physical bot via USB and watching the robot act it out in real life. The Robotiky toolkit includes an option to ‘view code’ which displays the commands that each block of dragging code consists of – so the ‘start program’ block becomes ‘robo.startProgram();’ and so on – to aid the educational process.

“We fundamentally believe that young children learn better when they interact with things,” says Robotiky co-founder Matt Screeton. “That is why Robotiky has a self-contained set of online tutorials and games that are downloaded and run on the robot at the end of each level,” according to TechCrunch.

Currently the crowdfunding site Kickstarter has helped Robotiky raise 6,000 pounds ($9,900.) Robotiky aims to raise roughly around 25,000 pounds  ($42,000) so that they can ship their product by September. They aim to price the product around 119 pounds ($200)  for early bird backers, but almost all the early bird price pledges have already been snapped up by eager geek moms and dads.