Romney keen to be Secretary of State

Mitt Romney is keen to be the Secretary of State in the Donald Trump administration. The big question is whether Trump will accept him or not. Reliable sources have informed the media that Romney is extremely interested in the post and discussing the matter with members of his family. The decision whether he will approach President Elect Trump for the post will be made only after Thanksgiving. Romney’s family members act as his closest advisers when it comes to important matters. He had previously served as governor of Massachusetts.


Romney is not the sole contender to the post. The lists of competing candidates include heavyweights like Rudy Guiliani, the former Mayor of New York City. Romney met Trump during the second November weekend at the President Elect’s Bedminster golf retreat in New Jersey. The two men discussed wide ranging issues and a possible position for Romney. The possibility of the former being Secretary of State can be a plausible one of Mike Pence, the Vice-President Elect’s words are to be believed. Pence said that Romney is in the running for the post of chief diplomat of the United States.

Romney, on his part, provided no hints to reporters on whether he would accept any role in the Trump administration. In his brief interaction, he said that the meeting with Trump led to discussions about matters of the world where the US could play a major role. He also said that both of them exchanged their views on the topics.

Both sides benefit

For the Trump administration, Romney is a good catch. The latter has a gravitas which few in the administration can muster. Even Donald Trump knows this- and he has praised Romney after the results came out. In the same vein, the Trump administration has also said that other candidates are also in consideration for the position of Secretary of State.

If Romney gets selected, then it will be a complete turn-around between the former and Trump. The former was a Republican presidential nominee in 2012 and Trump did not pull any punches during election year 2016 when he referred to Romney as a candidate who “choked” during election time. Romney has earlier branded Trump as a “fraud” and “phony” Republican presidential candidate. In a media interview, he had said that a Trump administration will lead to “trickle down bigotry” and also “trickle down racism”.

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