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Rotolight Announces NEO 3 Powerful LED Light in a Compact Kit; Exclusively Available at B&H Photo

B&H is pleased to announce the Rotolight NEO 3―exclusive to B&H!―an on-camera light that breaks new ground with its power-to-weight ratio and all-around usefulness. Powerful as either an on-camera video light or a still camera flash, the NEO 3 uses the same LEDs for continuous light output for video shoots. The new light also can strobe those LEDs for an extremely bright RGB flash that can freeze motion and allows you to use the same fixture for video or stills shooting. Available in a starter bundle or as a variety of kits, the NEO 3 features a full-color touchscreen on the back of the light, so you can have full local control over its functions.

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Rotolight LED Light Kit (Photo: Business Wire)

Rotolight LED Light Kit (Photo: Business Wire)

Remaining true to its lineage and name, the NEO 3 is more powerful than the NEO 2, powerful enough to use as a stand-mounted fixture, producing 5440 lux at 3′, yet still light enough to use on-camera. Powered by a single Sony L-series type battery, this compact light fixture is extremely portable. In addition, it features RGBWW LEDs to produce not only 16.7 million colors, but also to produce light with a selectable CCT between 3000 and 10,000K for working with other video lights. Available accessories allow you to soften the beam, and they can be found in some of the kits. You can digitally “add” filters to the NEO 3, without having to hang an actual filter on the fixture. In addition, you can choose from 14 special-effect modes.

For those who need a still photo flash, the NEO 3 allows one to use the fixture as a still photo flash in RGB or CCT mode, with any setting or digital filter selected. Use the NEO 3 as a modeling light and pop the flash via the integrated 3.5mm sync input or take advantage of the integrated Elinchrome Skyport wireless flash receiver and leave the cables at home. With a flash speed of up to 1/8000 of a second, this flash can freeze normal motion, and it has zero recycling time so you never have to wait or miss a shot.

The two large buttons on the back of the unit are for color and brightness, while the integrated color touchscreen provides you with more control, plus the visual confirmation of your settings. You can control the fixture from an iOS or Android device via an available app, for more control in the palm of your hand.

Learn more about Rotolight NEO 3 LED Light kit.

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