Rubio and McCain win Republican Primaries

US senators Marco Rubio along with John McCain of the Republican Party won nominations from the party. They will seek re-election in Florida and Arizona respectively. Both of them saw defeated insurgent challengers to their nominations.

Old vs. new

Rubio will now face off against Representative Patrick Murphy in a general election for an important contest to control the Senate. Murphy is a Democrat who was elected for two terms. McCain seeks a sixth term and may face a stiff challenge from Ann Kirkpatrick, a Representative known for her campaign to woo American Indians and Latinos in a competitive and diverse state. The latter has been a member of House of Representatives from 2011.

McCain in his advancement to general election, trumped Kelli Ward, a former state Senator. The 80 year old saw off the conservative activist belonging to the Tea Party. Ward is also known to be a follower of Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential candidate.

In other news, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a US Representative from the Democratic Party, trumped Tim Canova, a challenger to her aim of getting of House term for the seventh time in the general elctions to be held on November 8. Canova is close to Bernie Sanders, the former presidential nominee candidate, and is a known critic against Wall Street practices. US Representative Schulz was saved from the embarassment of getting thrown out from her position of leader of Democratic National Committee.

Money backed

Any contest between Rubio and Murphy for Senate will be expensive. The former will fight to stave off Murphy who was accused of padding up his resume. These primary results makes it apparent that Florida voters tend to reject the more extreme candidates on both the right and left side of the political spectrum. Most of the voters have gravitated towards the establishment lawmakers who are also favored by the national party leaders.

Rubio, in Florida, defeated Carlos Beruff, a home-builder and Trump acolyte of Cuban-American ancestry. The latter had spent about $8 million of personal funds to support his bid. The Democratic opponent of Rubio, Murphy, beat Alan Grayson. Progressives favored Grayson, a known liberal provocateur- but who previous faced charges of ethics inquiries inside the House and there were also accusations of abusing his ex-wife. Murphy has earlier assured his supporters that he will serve the full term and implied that Rubio may not by again running for the presidency. The latter has not made any commitment to staying for the full term, stating that the future is a changeable one.

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