Russell Crowe Expresses Dismay, Anger Over Manus Island Crisis

Russel Crowe, the acclaimed actor, minced no words when he described Australia's ham-handed approach to the escalating desperate conditions at the refugee detention center in Manus Island. About 600 people are adamant to stay at the Papua New Guinea's now decommissioned center. They are frightened of safety at the new accommodation the Australian Government has provided. Advocates for the asylum seekers say that the concerned facilities are still a few work away from human habitation. Refugees survive by drinking water collected in dustbins when it rains. They also wash from the same source. Crowe, although a Kiwi, has stayed in Australia for a long time.

Crowe, NZ, and Turnbull

Crowe termed the situation as Australia's shame. The actor put forward his offer to house and support a few refugees by spending his own money. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, had expressed interest in taking about 150 refugees every year from the detention centers in Australia. The Prime Minister also said that she would raise this issue with her counterpart, Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Australia when they will meet during the first week of November. PM Ardern also said that New Zealand was lucky to have avoided a situation like Australia.

The Australian Government has repeatedly stated that the Papua New Guinea authorities are only responsible for the protection of detainees. PM Turnbull has rejected the offer made by New Zealand.

Bad situation

Crowe described the refugee situation as disgraceful. He said that he had thought about what he could personally do to assist those asylum seekers. He told media that he is confident of finding jobs and residences for six refugees. The actor added that he is confident that many Australians feel the same. Crowe is known for his progressive politics. He has earlier publicly supported Julia Gillard, the former Prime Minister hailing from the Labor Party and Barack Obama, the former American President.

Peter Dutton, the Australian Immigration Minister, said that the refugees should move into new premises. He added that the asylum seekers' advocates are making the tough situation only tougher. He reminded his government's critics that Australia has made a deal with the US to move the 1,200 individuals housed there. He lamented that opposition parties are actively campaigning against the move. In October, approximately 50 refugees from the camps of Nauru and Manus went to the United States.

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