Russia Investigation might put Congressman in Jail

There has been a serious controversy around connections between Russia and Trump’s associates with regards to last year’s election. Recently, a Democratic Congressman who has been investigating this alleged connection made a leading statement that somebody might “end up in prison” after the investigation was over.

A House Intelligence Committee member, Joaquin Castro did not take names when asked about who might be responsible for crimes. The intelligence agency is probing into the alleged cyber-intervention of Moscow into the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

President Donald Trump hasn’t been too pleased with the probe and has termed it as a “witch-hunt” by the opposition while defending Michael Flynn, his ex-top aide, who had asked for protection in the case. The former national security advisor of Trump has been a focus of this investigation owing to his connections with Russia.

Castro remains confident about allegation

Being a member of the intelligence committee, Joan Castro would not have the same kind of access to the classified information as that enjoyed by Adam Schiff, top Democratic member or Devin Nunes, Republican chairman. But this doesn’t seem to have taken away from the confidence of Mr. Castro. On Tuesday evening, he was reported saying that by the looks of it, it was likely that some people would be at the receiving end of criminal charges (referring to those involved in the Trump presidential campaign).

Mr. Castro was questioned about whether any solid evidence of association between Russia and the Trump campaign had come forth. But all he said was that on the basis of what had been seen and heard, he was under the impression that some individuals would likely end up in prison. He did not make it clear as to who would be facing criminal charges from the Trump administration (former or present) and whether or not these were high-ranking officials.

Adam Schiff denies immunity appeal

With reference to Flynn’s involvement in the controversy, senior Democrat, Adam Schiff, was reported saying that there was still a lot of work left and that more documents and witnesses were needed before considering an immunity appeal from the witnesses.

He added that there was a need to first acknowledge that it is a very serious step for an ex security advisor to request for protection from prosecution. Michael Flynn is also being targeted for receiving $33,000 from RT, Russian Television as he attended a gala event in Moscow in 2015.

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