Russian Involvement: Salisbury Poison to be Examined by International Forensics

An international team of specialists from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is scheduled to visit Porton Down military research base in Wiltshire. They will examine the chemical composition of the nerve agent utilized to poison Sergei Skripal, the former Russian spy, and his daughter Yulia. The latter is 33 years old. Experts agree the poison is Russian formulated. President Putin of Russia has flatly denied his country's involvement, labeling it as “unimaginable”. The incident happened prior to the World Cup and the Sunday elections. The Russian Premier said that Russia has destroyed all chemical weapons and it was utter nonsense to even suggest his country is responsible for this poisoning incident.

Soviet era poison

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, told parliament that the poison used has already been identified. She said that the concerned chemical was one of a batch of military grade nerve agents formulated by the Soviet Union. The chemical is known by the name Novichok.

Both the Skripals remain in critical condition in a hospital. The 66-year-old former spy was found slumped on a bench along with this daughter near downtown Salisbury shopping center. Father and daughter have earlier visited a restaurant and a pub. The attack has been treated by the Metropolitan Police as a case of attempted murder. The Met has renewed its appeal for the sight of Sergei Skripal's BMW car. The vehicle is a 320D model in burgundy color. Experts have opined that the duo was exposed to this nerve agent via the car's ventilation system. As per the police, they have found a total of 762 exhibits. The police have also collected approximately 4,000 hours long CCTV footage. Police officers confirmed that they have made excellent progress. They, however, cautioned that the full investigation may take months to complete.

British moves

Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary, has accused Russia of hoarding the agent utilized in this attack. He is on his way to Brussels where he will seek the support needed to continue the British stance on this issue. The Foreign Secretary will meet both NATO and European Union authorities. The OPCW delegation from the Netherlands will also hold a meeting with senior detectives. The OPCW expressively prohibits chemical weapons. The UK has invited the team to independently verify which nerve agent was used. Results would be announced after two weeks.  

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