Ryan against Trump partnering Democrats on healthcare issues

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of US House of Representatives, has publicly voiced his  disapproval of President Donald J. Trump working with Democrats when it comes to revamping the health insurance system in the United States. The topmost Republican in the US Congress made his views known in his interview with a prominent  media house.

Nothing to do with Democrats

Speaker Ryan said that he is afraid that the GOP is pushing President to the Democrats so that the latter can fulfill his pre-election promise of redoing the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as it is popularly known. The Republican Party failed during the fourth week of March to agree to a definite healthcare overhaul. Ryan was clear that he wants President Trump to be clear of any Democratic Party policies or candidates. According to the Speaker, carrying out any kind of reform with the Democrats cannot be termed a conservative affair.

Trump is also making a number of optimistic noises concerning healthcare. He told a group of Senators who were in the White House attending a reception, that he anticipates that the lawmakers would swiftly sign a deal on healthcare. He, however, declined to go into the specifics. The president said that he anticipates that lawmakers will agree to a deal extremely quickly on healthcare. Trump, however, declined to state specifics.

Ryan was adamant that carrying out reforms with members of the Democratic Party is not a good idea. He said that such an attitude cannot be termed conservative. He said that the US Government should not run healthcare. He added the government must not tell anybody what to do with their healthcare, or with their lives.

Unviable Obamacare

On March 28, Senators attending a reception in the White House said that Trump expects that the lawmakers have to reach a deal extremely quickly on the healthcare issue. He said that the deal will happen as lawmakers from both sides of the political divide- Republican of Democrat, have been promising the same to American citizens.

President Trump has insisted that the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is popularly known, is going to explode. He acknowledged that the Republicans failed last week to move their own healthcare bill due to lack of support not only from Democrats, but also from their own rank and file. Trump said that he is open to renegotiate the new healthcare legislation as he is unsure about the staying power of Obamacare in the longer run.

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