Same day delivery startup, Deliv expands to compete against Amazon Prime

According to TechCrunch, Deliv, a startup same day delivery company that is currently partnered up with 4,000 retailers to help ship and deliver products within the same day has now announced its expansion services to 33 markets and 1,400 cities. Previously, Deliv services was only in 19 markets, nearly doubling it now.

Deliv’s 14 new markets include locations across the country such as Austin, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, and Tampa.

With this expansion, Deliv says that the company now can keep up and compete against eCommerce giant, Amazon’s Prime Now, which is also a same day delivery service for its Prime members.

“Same day delivery is quickly becoming table stakes across every retail segment. With Deliv, retailers can offer their customers that same exceptional level customer experience without the need to invest in their own asset-based delivery fleet,” said Daphne Carmeli, CEO and founder of Deliv, in a statement. “As retailers look to offer a consistent experience nationwide, they need a proven, trusted, national partner. Our expansion offers them the speed, flexibility, and broad national footprint needed to compete with the ever-growing force of Amazon.”

The 4,000 businesses that work with Deliv include retail giants like Best Buy, Bloomingdale's, Foot Locker, Nike, and even grocery supermarkets like Sam’s Club. Businesses like Sam’s Club, will help Deliv deliver fresh groceries to consumers. Deliv is also partnered with The UPS Store, who also gave Deliv a $28 million funding in the last funding round.

The concept of same day delivery isn’t a new idea to the public, it has already been the basis of many delivery companies. Deliv is still part of a competitive market for same day delivery considering the company was founded back in 2012. With all the investors, participating retailers, and its announcement of its expansion, puts Deliv in a good spot as it goes to head to head with other delivery services.

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