Sanders to go for a contested convention with Hillary

Senator Bernie Sanders has been trying to keep his campaign  alive by vowing to continue his campaign to take his presidential nominee campaign to Democratic National Convention. His action came on the heels of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s edging closer to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination. The final primary contests are drawing near.

Pledged delegates

Sanders has said that it is not likely that Secretary Clinton could enjoy the much needed ‘pledged delegate’ numbers to claim her victory. The phrase “pledged delegates” was uttered by Sanders multiple times during the campaign. The pledged graduates are generally awarded on a proportional basis on how candidates perform at the caucuses and state primaries. Clinton at present has 275 more delegates as compared to Sanders.

The superdelegates, however, have no need to support any candidate depending on how their respective states voted. A superdelegate represents the establishment of the Democratic Party and may vote whoever they want. Clinton also wins by this regard, with 501 more superdelegates compared to Sanders. For Clinton, however, the superdelegates could also pose a problem- her political equation may be off if the superdelegates have a change of opinion on whom to vote.

And Senator Bernie Sanders is counting on that. If Clinton is unable to win the backing of pledged candidates prior to the convention, the former believes that the superdelegates may switch sides. Sanders has hinted that superdelegates must cast support as the people’s will dictates, and getting a lion’s share of the pledged delegates could be tough for Hillary.

Win mode

For Sanders, a win in California is the need of the hour. It will ensure that he continues in the race at all through the convention and will provide him with a noticeable lift. Clinton has already won the Puerto Rico primaries and is just 28 delegates deficient of the needed delegate numbers.

Sanders has also attacked Clinton in a number of new issues. He has criticized a number of donations made to Clinton by foreign governments. These donations were given while she was the secretary of state of Clinton Foundation. President Bill Clinton had founded the mentioned organization. Sanders, in his speeches, said that a real change is needed in the US, and the people need a government that represents all citizens- and not the one percent of the creamy top layer. He was also unrelenting in criticizing the Clinton Foundation alleging that it accepts donations from governments which are clearly dictatorships.

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