Santa Ana Postal Worker to be Tried for Identity Theft

The United States Federal Postal Service has been one of the most efficient and useful postal services across the world. However, it has had a lot of controversies and scandals to deal with in the past. In the recent past however, the Santa Ana postal department has had to deal with one of the largest scandals in the history of the postal service. There was a case against a postal worker named Chinh Vuong who has been in the Santa Ana postal service for a while, until his crime was caught.

The nefarious crime

Chinh Vuong carried out his postal services that masked the more nefarious activities masked by his day job, in the greater California area. Vuong was reportedly accused of stealing credit cards meant for a particular customer. The crime went unnoticed for a while, however, the postal service authorities were a little suspicious about the disappearances of the credit cards that never reached the desired recipients.

The delivery of credit cards by the financial service companies such as banks, through the postal service is standard practice. However, the growing rate of identity theft became a major issue. This sparked local law enforcement authorities to take up the investigation, who managed to trace the crime to Chinh Vuong.

Chinh Vuong would flick credit cards from his delivery list in order to make personal purchases in luxury products such as watches, cars, and designer clothes. This began the long investigation and evidence gathering against him. In addition to making purchases of items, Chinh Vuong would also sell the credit card details to identity thieves, who would apparently pay top dollar for the financial knowledge of various citizens of the United States of America in the greater California area.

The agents that led the way

Chinh Vuong’s case has led to several lawsuits filed against him. An estimated 6,200 American Express cards were reported to be stolen by Chinh Vuong, whose estimated value at the time was totaled to a little over three million dollars. While the case is basically one of theft, the majority of the focus is on the identity threat that Chinh Vuong has exposed the various number of people to. The Federal Bureau of Investigation had led the case. The FBI agents based out of the Los Angeles office had painstakingly gathered evidence against Vuong.

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