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Satoshi Is Coming Back Inc. Announces Exciting, Dramatic Crypto Whitepaper, U.S. Patent Assets and New Science Fiction

Satoshi Is Coming Back Incorporated announces the launch of and the marketing of two blockchain technology
patent assets., a stunning 8000-word whitepaper, posits that
the founder of Bitcoin is coming back to control Bitcoin’s code.
“Satoshi Is Coming Back Incorporated owns technology that Satoshi will
want after he controls Bitcoin’s code and the corporation seeks to
license patents to Satoshi himself,” explains Rami Tabello, CFA, the
founder of Satoshi Is Coming Back Incorporated.

The patents concern energy efficiency and a blockchain censorship system
that acts as a “box” for artificial intelligence. introduces thrilling concepts and abstractions
that will support the company’s technology and have an electrifying
impact on Bitcoin. For example, the whitepaper conceptualizes the
“intrinsic value” and “intrinsic cost” of cryptocurrencies for the first

“These are game-changing abstractions because now that the intrinsic
value of Bitcoin is established, finance professionals can understand
how intrinsic value can be increased to make Bitcoin large enough to act
as a central bank reserve asset,” explains Mr. Tabello, a member of CFA
Society Toronto.

The myth-busting whitepaper also restructures our understanding of how
energy is actually used by blockchain, permitting us to isolate,
separate out, then commodify each constituent part of energy’s utility.
“Our abstract explanation of how energy stabilizes blockchains allows
blockchains to grow with substitute stabilizers that don’t consume
energy commodities,” says Mr. Tabello, a 44-year-old Canadian. “One of
our patent applications describes using CAPTCHA puzzles as a substitute

The cohesive and comprehensive whitepaper explains how AI and
superintelligences can develop with blockchain as their substrate.

“Our patent pending censorship system for blockchain allows humans to
box, slave and guide the development of AI so it serves us,” says Mr.
Tabello. “Without our technology, censorship resistant Bitcoin could
lead to sovereign, artificially intelligent business ventures that are
adversarial to humanity. Satoshi should use our censorship technology
after implementing a hard fork. The whitepaper outfits Satoshi with
discursive narrative to justify the hard fork.”

The erudite whitepaper cites over 50 scholarly authorities in Modern
Languages Association style. The science fiction section of the
whitepaper dramatizes this universe as a cryptocurrency ledger called
Bitjoule. Satoshi is Bitjoule’s protagonist in a story that features
superhero tropes. Bitjoule is a computer simulation and its director
needs humans to solve CAPTCHAs. “The whitepaper has the bare-bones of a
science fiction epic poem. We plan to commission, underwrite then
license an epic poem of literary merit to lament Satoshi’s absence in a
story that tells of his return,” says Mr. Tabello.

Satoshi Is Coming Back Incorporated is a Canadian startup that supports
its technology with powerful discourse. It now seeks venture capital
funding. The corporation’s ambitious objective is to own mandatory
technology that regulates all blockchains, and to become the leading
voice on Bitcoin.

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