Scaramucci Fired as John Kelly Stepped in


John Kelly wasted no time in making his presence felt in the White House as soon as stepping in as the Chief of Staff. One of his first moves included getting rid of the Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who has been in the dog house, in a manner of speaking, after his ill-thought-out tirade against many key people within the administration. The loss of Scaramucci is not being mourned by anyone, including the President, who is, in fact, very happy with the move.

Just 10 days on the job

What is interesting is that Scaramucci has been communications director for a period of just 10 days. Even within this very short span of time, he managed to turn a number of people, including the president who wanted him on board, against him. The issues with Scaramucci came to a head after he let loose a very verbal, and at times, insulting critique of many of the President's staff members.

Among the targets of his verbal abuse were Mr. Priebus, who was in the office as Chief of Staff before John Kelly took over the reins. Scaramucci's unfavorable remarks were made during a chat that he had with a New York Times reporter and the fact that he had talked to the media about failings that he found in key staff members did not go well with anyone at all. It must be mentioned here that President Trump was not unaware of Scaramucci's penchant for caustic and aggressive attacks against colleagues and peers; in fact, he was recruited because he was viewed as a potentially staunch supporter of the President.

President found remarks inappropriate, say officials

Having removed the man from his post as soon as he took on the responsibilities of Chief of Staff, John Kelly issued an official statement about the firing. Officials explained that the President did not feel that Scaramucci's comments were appropriate at all. It is also being said that the President did not want to burden the new chief of staff with the old line of succession which included Scaramucci.

Of course, Scaramucci's exit is not a big surprise for anyone who has been following the happenings in the White House in the recent times. On the day that he joined the staff, Mr. Sean Spicer handed in his resignation and Mr. Priebus quit right after the verbal attack was launched against him by Scaramucci.

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