Schumer to join Democratic filibuster to stop Trump nominee for Supreme Court

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, upped the ante for Republicans on March 23. He announced his intention of joining the attempt for a Democratic filibuster. The aim is to prevent Neil Gorsuch from entering US Supreme Court.

Conservative core

Schumer was unimpressed by Gorsuch’s testimony in the Senate. He testified for a long time, in excess of 20 hours. The hearings were spread over four days. The Democratic Senator said that Judge Gorsuch lacked candor. He pointed out that the Supreme Court nominee avoided answering penetrating questions concerning his stand on a few issues. The Senator says that he does not believe Gorsuch would be fair in his rulings. He openly said that it was impossible for him to support Gorsuch.

Schumer said that he believes that the Judge was groomed by Federalist Society, a conservative entity. He claimed that Gorsuch can never be a neutral legal mind, but push a deep conservative ideology. He took a shot at the GOP, saying that in case Gorsuch is unable to gather 60 votes, the only way is to change nominee- and not rules.

Shot across Republican bows

Schumer, in his speech made on the floor of the Senate, declared that Republicans must compulsorily earn a total of 60 votes to confirm President Trump nominated Gorsuch. Chuck Schumer is a Democrat from New York. Trump is desperate to find a replacement to Antonin Scalia, the late United States Justice who died suddenly in 2016. The Democrat has a point. Although Republicans dominate the Senate, they control 52 seats. The GOP needs 60 seats to confirm Gorsuch.

Schumer’s action will revitalize the Democratic base. It is still angry after GOPs in the Senate unitedly blocked former President Obama nominee Merrick Garland to take the place of Scalia. There are a number of other developments as well. A few Democrats in the Senate wish to go for an understanding with Republicans. The deal is that the Democrats will approve Gorsuch if the party can keep the filibuster when it is time for the next vacancy in the Supreme Court. This could happen within the liberal bloc of the court. This proposal will not only stop Trump from getting an unassailable conservative majority, it would also ease all pressure on vulnerable Democrats. However, this arrangement will make many people of leftist orientation angry. They have earlier marched all over the United States to demand that the lawmakers fight the Trump agenda.

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