SDATs Maryland Business Express Releases New Online Services, Begins Accepting Resolutions

The Maryland
Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) has updated its
award-winning Maryland
Business Express (MBE) site to now allow online filing of
resolutions, which add, edit, or remove a resident agent and change the
principal office location for businesses. In addition, Maryland Limited
Liability Companies (LLCs) can now file Articles of Cancellation online
and other documents updating customers on the status of their filings,
which have been enhanced to provide more detailed information, increase
security, and ensure authenticity.

“With this update, more than 18,000 filings that previously were done by
mail or in-person annually can now be filed online through Maryland
Business Express,” said SDAT Director Michael Higgs. “Continuing to
improve this modern and easily accessible alternative to paper filings
will ensure that Maryland is Open for Business 24/7.”

Most Maryland entities will now have the ability to file online
resolutions that add, edit, or remove a resident agent and/or change
their principal office location through MBE. All businesses are legally
required to have an active and valid principal office and resident agent
in order to maintain good standing status and do business in Maryland.
Once a resolution is filed, the customer will receive email updates on
the resolution’s status and after it has been accepted, customers can
order and receive a certified copy of the resolution immediately. This
new feature allows customers to make these changes whenever it is
convenient for them, rather than having to file in-person because MBE is
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, a Maryland Limited Liability Company that is in good
standing can now file Articles of Cancellation online, which includes
choosing the effective date for the cancellation as well as the
Registered Agent who will act as the representative for the company for
one year after termination. After a cancellation has been approved,
certified copies of the Articles of Cancellation can be ordered online
and received immediately. This new online service allows LLC owners the
ability to wrap up business affairs without a hassle or delay in order
to begin their next venture.

Finally, numerous documents produced by MBE have been updated to provide
more detailed information to customers by including the filing approval
date/time, page numbers, and department ID number. A watermark will also
be shown on all documents generated while registering a business until
the business has been approved in order to enhance security and to
ensure authenticity.

Through its partnership with NIC Maryland, SDAT has consistently
launched new online services for customers and has developed nationally
recognized sites, such as Maryland
Business Express, to help businesses thrive in the State of Maryland.

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