Security forum brings Trump and Clinton weaknesses to the fore

Both Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, and Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, confronted their respective weaknesses in a national security forum. The forum was held under the glare of television cameras. Trump, during his questioning, defended his competence to be the president despite him having unformed plans for managing global challenges. The Democrat argued that the controversial email practices do not mean that she has questionable judgment.

President Obama has made clear his belief that Trump is clearly unfit to be the President of the United States. His unfit nature is made prominent every time he speaks. He also asked the media and the American people to ask Trump questions and then hear the wacky and uninformed answers.

As anticipated, Trump praised President Vladimir Putin of Russia. He also made his disdain for President Obama known, by saying that the Russian head of state has an approval rating of 82 percent. He said that Putin has a veritable iron grip over Russia. The real estate billionaire also said although he does not approve of the system in that country, he is clearly a leader- much more than what the US President is.

Clinton, due to chance by flipping a coin, spoke first. She quickly found herself responding to a number of questions concerning the period she was in government. She admitted her mistakes. One of them, she said, was her reliance on a private server and personal email account when she was US Secretary of State. She, however, defended her action of supporting American military intervention to assist ousting Gaddafi-the Libyan dictator, despite the chaos that soon followed. Clinton asked that she be judged on her record in totality. It was evident that she became irritated by the questions asked by reporters concerning her past record.

Trump did little to counter criticism which says that he lacks policy proposals, including ones on tackling Islamic State group. He insisted that he possessed a blueprint for vanquishing the Islamist extremists. He further said that he would demand a plan from the military leaders and this would be within 30 days of him ascending the presidency.

Clinton, on her part, said Trump is not at all prepared for the post of commander-in-chief. She tried to orient reporters’ questions towards proposals on foreign policy made by her. She pledged to defeat Islamic State sans any American army boots on the ground.

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