Securrency Enters Strategic Partnership with SharesPost

a provider of financial and regulatory technology products for the
tokenized issuance and trading of securities, today announced a
strategic partnership with SharesPost,
a leading provider of private company liquidity solutions and private
capital markets research. This partnership will help drive tokenized
securities trading to the SharesPost platform by providing liquidity via
SharesPost’s Alternative Trading Platform (ATS) to issuers of private
tokenized securities availing themselves of Securrency’s compliance and
security technologies.

“Enabling the issuance of securitized tokens can be complex, especially
when it comes to maintaining compliance with regulations in multiple
jurisdictions,” said Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency. “We’re thrilled to be
working together with the innovative team at SharesPost’s Alternative
Trading Platform as our technologies deliver essential security and
compliance features to support primary offerings and secondary-market
trading of tokenized securities across SharesPost’s impressive range of

This latest partnership continues Securrency’s “network effect” strategy
of partnering with other innovative companies and financial services
providers to deliver best-in-breed security and compliance. Securrency
offers a unique Compliance Aware Token™ that has compliance and
transactional rules embedded in a compliance layer to facilitate
securities offerings on virtually any distributed ledger or legacy
platform. This sophisticated yet user-friendly approach is much more
flexible, powerful, and secure than alternative “white list” approaches.
In addition, Securrency’s Know Your Wallet™ tools can detect money
laundering and other illegal activity, thereby minimizing the risk of
bad actor participation in the distribution and trading of tokenized

“Our new Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform has grown tremendously
since launching earlier this year, and we wanted to ensure our users met
compliance regulations without any additional hassle,” said Greg
Brogger, CEO and Founder of SharesPost. “Partnering with Securrency was
an easy decision, as they seamlessly integrated into our platform and
help our customers to create compliant Security Token Offerings (STOs).”

Doney added, “SharesPost’s visionary leadership rightly understands the
need to create attractive liquidity options for investors, a vision that
has also been at the core of Securrency’s technology solutions since our
inception three years ago. Through our strategic partnership with
SharesPost, issuers and investors have immediate access to a secure and
fully-compliant end-to-end marketplace for tokenized securities.”

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About Securrency

Securrency is a technology products company that delivers a complete
suite of security and compliance tools to issuers, broker-dealers, and
alternative trading system (ATS) operators to enable the issuance,
maintenance, and secondary trading of tokenized securities.

Securrency has developed a unique Compliance Aware Token™ that embeds
regulatory and transactional rules in a compliance layer to facilitate
legally-compliant securities offerings in the United States and
globally. Securrency’s protocol can be utilized on the Ethereum,
Stellar, Ripple, EOS and other distributed ledgers, as well as on legacy
systems, allowing for seamless on-chain and off-chain movement of
tokens. Securrency’s Know Your Wallet™ tools can detect money laundering
and other nefarious activity, thereby minimizing the risk of bad actor
participation in secondary trading.

Securrency was formed in 2015 by US national security and technology
experts to enable the free trading of previously illiquid asset classes
through compliance and unparalleled interoperability. Securrency offers
a secure, scalable FinTech/RegTech tools either as individual modules or
as a customized venue-operator platform for listing securities via
Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) while providing global KYC (Know Your
Customer) and jurisdictional compliance for access to investors.

About SharesPost

SharesPost’s mission is to create liquidity for the private growth asset
class. In 2009, SharesPost launched the first online secondary market
for private technology company shares. Since then, SharesPost has
connected thousands of buyers and sellers in more than $4 billion worth
of transactions in the shares of more than 200 leading technology

The SharesPost platform now also enables clients to access a variety of
private market investment and liquidity solutions including (i) research
and data on leading private technology companies, (ii) the SharesPost
Private Growth Index, (iii) the SharesPost100 Fund, a registered
closed-end interval fund providing all investors with easy access to the
asset class, and (iv) SharesPost Lending, which enables private company
shareholders to borrow against their shares. In 2017, SharesPost managed
its first Initial Coin Offering and in 2018 announced plans to integrate
trading of digital securities into the SharesPost platform. SharesPost
is a FINRA-registered broker-dealer, SEC registered Alternative Trading
System and Registered Investment Advisor. For more information, visit

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