Senate Hearing Scheduled to Evaluate President’s Authority on Nuclear Arms use

Senator Bob Crocker has been questioning President Trump’s disposition as an office bearer for several months now. On Wednesday, he announced that there would be a formal hearing to assess the American president’s right to utilize nuclear weapons.

Trump’s accusations against North Korea

This announcement was made in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Crocker. Crocker said that several members, part of the committee and outside of it, have been questioning the right of the executive and legislative branches with regards to the utilization of nuclear arms and war-making.

This is in continuation with the many hearings that have been held for examining such issues. He added that it would be the first attempt (after 1976) on the part of the committee counterparts to examine the legal right and procedure to use American nuclear weapons. Corker believes that the discussion has been long pending and the House is looking forward to assessing the crucial issue.

It has hardly been a day since Trump made his combative speech targeting Kim Jong-Un, the leader from North Korea. In his speech, he called the country a “military group” and “dark fantasy”. While in South Korea, the U.S. President made accusations against the solitary kingdom and said that it was built on a disturbing concept that believed in the destiny of the leader who ruled as the primary-protector over the Korean people and the Korean Peninsula.

Officials concerned about Trump’s interactions with North Korea

Numerous foreign policy and military professionals have been shocked by Trump wanting to pursue a dangerous policy with an armed dictator. These professionals worry that the ego of the president could walk the country straight into war. A few of these professionals will be testifying at the hearing scheduled on Tuesday. One of them is Brian McKeon, the ex-Acting Under Secretary who worked for President Obama. McKeon is hugely critical of the way Trump is dealing with the nuclear-armed nation.

Peter Feaver is another witness who will be present at the hearing. He was an ex-director serving the Defense Policy and Arms Control during the presidential reign of George W. Bush. Last year, he was among the approximate 50 national security officers in the Republican House who had signed the letter rejecting Trump’s nomination for president. Feaver hasn’t made any attempts to hide his distrust in Trumps’ ruling and how he could be a huge threat to the country’s security.

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