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Senator Cassidy Targeted by Tax Reform Group

The Citizens for Responsible Tax Reform has targeted Senator Bill Cassidy as a part of its campaign against a tax legislation which may further increase the ballooning United States deficit. Louisiana residents will soon see advertisements squarely aimed at the elected Republican Senator from Baton Rouge. The advertisements will be spread evenly across cable and broadcast television channels. The entire exercise will take place as the White House and the Congress Republicans weigh a number of tax proposals.

Other Senators

Other than Cassidy, the  Citizens for Responsible Tax Reform has started to target GOP Senators across 20 states. According to analysts, such a move has support from across the political spectrum. The advertisement for Louisiana asks the Senator to keep his promise concerning national debt lowering prior to the United States going bankrupt. The voiceover inside the advertisement cautions the viewer that Senator Cassidy is considering a number of tax cuts which may add trillions to the US national debt. There is a high chance that such a move will hurt the economy.

According to Gober, no plans currently exist to run advertisements targeting the Senator from Madisonville, John Kennedy. No plans exist as yet to target the delegation's other members as well. This strategy, however, could change in the coming days. He said that the  Citizens for Responsible Tax Reform is all set to take its campaign to the end.

Cassidy track record

Senator Cassidy serves on Senate Finance Committee. Other members of the Louisiana delegation were found to be quite open in their aims of radically changing the American tax code. Blake Gober, the chairman of Citizens for Responsible Tax Reform said that the Senator is particularly being targeted as he has an excellent record related to national debt. Gober pointed out that Cassidy has earlier provided independent leadership within the Senate. The state of Louisiana can count on a person of such caliber.

Cassidy, for his part, has defended the decision to pass radical changes to the tax plan. Matt Wolking, the spokesman for the Senator, said that his boss is fighting to stop excessive spending by Washington and deficit reduction. This is the reason he continues to work on passing the tax reform. Wolking explained that this is the sole method to reduce the US national debt and bring it under due control. This measure will expand the American economy. This will result in a number of Louisiana families conserve more money.

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