Senator Jeff Sessions Nominated for Attorney General

Jeff Sessions, an extremely conservative Republican Senator may soon become the next Attorney General. For years, Sessions has been declined major positions such as a federal judgeship, cabinet post and more due to his extreme right wing policies. However, due to his recent endorsement and partnership with Trump, he may now be elected to the position of Attorney General.

Many fear that the election of Sessions will cause the destruction of many Obama administration policies, and limits on civil rights and immigration. Sessions believes that immigrants are causing undue stress on taxpayers and taking jobs that are meant for American citizens. Also, Sessions believes that same-sex marriage is unjust. Sessions favors many popular conservative notions as well that are favored by the majority of Trump supporters, meaning that Sessions has a legitimate chance at actually being elected as Attorney General.

Many Democrats and even some republicans fear that Sessions’ policies will cause America to undergo regression in terms of civil rights, immigration and criminal justice. His belief in harsh penalties for drug related crimes and harsh restriction on immigration has caused many to worry about the future of American legal policy under the Trump administration.

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