Senator Rubio Expresses Disappointment Over Tax Cut Bill

GOP Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is the news spokesman found by the Democrats to crash the tax cut bill passed in 2017 by the Republicans.

The Senator said that he was quite disappointed with the fact that the tax bill has not yet delivered on the promises to the working class, which is not fair considering the fact that Fortune 500 companies seem to be benefiting from the tax cut bill. The Senator had voted for the $1.5 trillion bill in December of last year.

Rubio states that the new tax reform bill does not give working class Americans what they deserve

Rubio has said that the Republicans have a misconception that if the corporations are kept happy, then they are likely to invest their profits in the American workers. Rubio says that as of now, there has been no evidence of a massive investment in the American working class.

Rubio has been fighting to include a child tax credit that is larger and can be fully reimbursed. During this time, he had expressed similar concerns about the new tax cut bill.

The Democrats at Nevada have used the comments made by Senator Rubio as leverage against Senator Dean Heller of the Republicans. Senator Heller had voted for the bill and is being strongly contested in a re-election set for this fall.

The spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic party, Sarah Abel stated that Senator Rubio is simply admitting the fact that the tax cut bill has not delivered on its promises over the past few months and the fact remains that the bill was created to keep large corporations happy than protect the interests of the working families of Nevada.

The spokesman for Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, Matt House, has also supported Rubio's comments saying that they could not have voiced it any better than the senator himself.

Rubio's comments have been met with disapproval by conservatives who have used statements made by companies stating that the new tax cut bill has helped them not only in hiring new workers but also in raising the pay and giving bonuses to the existing workers.

The conservatives expressed their disappointment at the what they think is Rubio's choice to mirror what the opponents of the tax reform bill have to say. The conservatives stated that there is a long way ahead for the tax reform bill to reach its full potential, but even so, it has shown a positive impact on several factions of the society already.

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