Service, Utility and Mechanic Service/Crane Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America: 2017-2022 Analysis & Outlook –

The “Service,
Utility and Mechanic Service/Crane Truck/Body Manufacturing in North
America – 2017-2022 Analysis & Outlook” report has been
added to’s offering.

This report details US and Canadian production of service bodies (open
and enclosed), utility truck/bodies (designed for installation of aerial
devices or digger derricks on the floor of the body), and mechanic
service truck bodies, also called crane truck bodies (bodies with crane
reinforcements to enable mounting service cranes onto the truck body).

The report breaks out production and market shares by type, by chassis
class and by material (steel, aluminum and fiberglass). Included are
market dynamics, demand factors and outlook for each product type, as
well as profiles of 58 industry participants.

The ten leading manufacturers produced 72% of total units produced in
2017, with the top two accounting for over 40% of the market in units
manufactured and over one-third of the market in dollar value of sales.

This industry has numerous small manufacturers serving regional markets.
The industry is highly competitive and has relatively low barriers to
entry. Small regional players cater to end-use customers in the region
in which they are located, either directly or through dealers. Proximity
to the customer is important, as transportation costs impact prices.

The report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning,
M&A identification, competitive share analysis, alliances and technology
transfer considerations.

Included with this report is an Excel file with nine worksheets
containing data from the report’s tables.

Key Topics Covered

1 Scope

2 Product Types

2.1 Service Bodies

2.2 Utility Bodies

2.3 Mechanic Service/Crane Bodies

3 Market Size Estimates – Units & Dollars 2017

3.1 Market Size: by Chassis Class

3.2 Market Size: By Material

3.3 Market Size Estimates – Historical – 2012-2016

4 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars

4.1 Manufacturers by Type

4.2 Manufacturers’ Product Mix

4.3 Market Shares: All

4.4 Market Shares: By Chassis Class

4.5 Market Shares: By Material

5 Market Shares: By Body Type

5.1 Service Bodies – Open & Enclosed

5.1.1 Service Bodies – Open & Enclosed: By Type

5.1.2 Service Bodies – Open & Enclosed: By Chassis Class

5.1.3 Service Bodies – Open & Enclosed: By Material – Units

5.1.4 Service Bodies – Open & Enclosed: By Material – Dollars

5.2 Utility Bodies

5.2.1 Utility Bodies: By Chassis Class

5.2.2 Utility Bodies: By Material

5.3 Mechanic Service/Crane Bodies

5.3.1 Mechanic Service/Crane Bodies: By Chassis Class

5.2.2 Mechanic Service/Crane Bodies: By Material

6 Market Analysis

6.1 Average Price

6.2 Distribution Channels

7 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors

7.1 Service Bodies

7.2 Utility Bodies

7.3 Mechanic Service/Crane Bodies

8 Outlook 2018-2022

9 Production by Region

10 Key Manufacturer Data

10.1 Key Manufacturer Data: Alphabetical Order

10.2 Key Manufacturer Data: Rank Order – Units

11 Manufacturer Profiles (58 Companies Profiled)

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