Shelby denies Moore Support

Senator Richard Shelby, a Republican, said that although he wants a GOP to be elected to the Senate, he does not prefer Roy Moore to occupy that seat. He added that he did not vote for the GOP official nominee to represent Alabama. When asked who has he voted for, he did not disclose the name, but he mentioned a write-in candidate. Shelby's decision was not a spur-of-the-moment one. He said to everyone during the early days of November that he would support a write-in candidate. His vote, he had then said emphatically, will not go to Moore.

No votes for Moore

In his interview with a prominent media house, Shelby told the anchor that he could not vote for the controversial former Justice. He thus did not cast his vote for Moore. The Judge has been accused multiple times of forcing sexual relationships with a number of teenage girls. He was himself then in his 30s. A few women who have come forward concerning those relationships have alleged that Moore assaulted and sexually abused them. The Republican nominee has denied all such allegations.

According to the Alabama Senator, there is no reason to disbelieve the women who have made the allegations. Shelby reminded the media of the parable that if there is smoke, there will be a fire. He said that he made his mind up to go against Moore when he heard the then 14-year-old girl's story. It was after that he decided he could not possibly support Moore. He continued on to say that Alabama deserves a better Senator than Moore.

Trump and Moore

The allegations against Moore are not new. President Donald Trump even hesitated to support his candidature when the allegations came for the first time. The President then gave speeches against Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate. Trump, however, endorsed Moore during the first week of December. From then on, he exhorted rally-goers to vote for the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He also did a robocall for the candidate. When Shelby was shown that Trump supports Moore, he said that the GOP could do with a better candidate. If Moore gets elected, he will have a seat in the Senate. He did not forget to add that a number of Republicans, fearing a Moore win, has already set up an ethics review.

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