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SIMO Holdings Inc., Holding Company of Skyroam, Files Infringement Suit

The holding company of Skyroam, Inc. (,
SIMO Holdings Inc., has filed a lawsuit against UCloudLink Network
Technology Limited America, brand-named GlocalMe, in the United States
District Court for the Southern District of New York. The lawsuit
alleges that UCloudLink is violating SIMO’s intellectual property by
selling its infringing WiFi hotspot devices. The lawsuit cites
unauthorized use of patented technology, which is prohibited by law, and
is intended to protect SIMO’s significant investment in Virtual SIM
(vSIM) technology.

The lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction to prevent UCloudLink from
selling any products infringing SIMO’s patented technology.

Skyroam, a leading global WiFi provider that keeps travelers connected
around the world through mobile hotspots powered by its vSIM technology,
has created a trusted user experience that is a top choice amongst its
15 million users worldwide including travelers from the Americas,
Europe, and Asia. Today, Skyroam offers consumers one of the best mobile
WiFi experiences available and is committed to delivering more great
products and services in the future. In order to support the long-term
direction of the company and its customers, Skyroam believes it is
paramount to protect its intellectual property.

“Since starting the company, our team has worked hard to create our
proprietary breakthrough technology,” said Skyroam CEO, Jing Liu. “We
have invested significant time and financial resources to push
innovation within the industry. It’s key that we protect the work of our
team, in order to safeguard our commitment to users and stakeholders, as
well as drive further disruption.”

To date, SIMO Holdings Inc., holding company of Skyroam, owns many
issued patents and patent applications worldwide; including several
issued patents in the United States.

About Skyroam

Founded in 2008, Skyroam is a worldwide leading provider of
software-based mobile connectivity solutions. Skyroam is a pioneer and
innovator in the development of next-generation virtual SIM technologies
which enable mobile data on-demand worldwide through local connectivity.
Skryoam’s innovative technology is available in over 120 countries and
at over 500 retail locations worldwide.

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