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SlickLogin Joins Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)

Login, Password, Google, SlickLoginGoogle (NASDAQ: GOOG) has acquired yet another company. This time, the tech giant has purchased a start up called SlickLogin. The company does exactly what their name indicates, essentially offering a “slicker” way to login to your secured accounts. The company was founded last year by Or Zelig, Eran Galili, and Ori Kabeli. The founders are all graduates of the Israel Defence Force’s cybersecurity unit and have spent years on the security field.

Many websites such as Google, or most banking sites require two factors of authentication in order to login to your account for heighten security measure. These websites would normally send you a onetime generated code to your mobile device and the user would have a minute or so to type that code into your computer.

The founders of the SlickLogin thought the two-step authentication of many websites was, simply put, annoying, and overly complicated. SlickLogin offers companies and users a seamless way to authenticate your login using inaudible sound waves.

How does it work?

SlickLogin offers a feature rather than a whole new set system. The technology replaces the existing protocol for login with inaudible sound waves. The computer will emit a sound which would be captured by the phone to identify that you are an authorized user. The technology will work via bluetooth, wifi, NFC, and soon offline as well. While your mobile phone can be used to authorize your computer without being unlocked, users have the ability to configure the options to their own liking.

Why Google?

“Google was the first company to offer two-step verification to everyone, for free — and they’re working on some great ideas that will make the internet safer for everyone. We couldn’t be more excited to join their efforts,” – The SlickLogin Team

Google was one of the initial companies SlickLogin wanted to reach out to because as mentioned, the tech giant was the first to offer the two-step authentication security. Just last month, Google acquired another start up, Imperium to control spam and fraud online. Google has been on an acquisition spree, but targeting innovative technology companies to improve their own website, and Google certainly sees the asset in SlickLogin. The terms for the acquisition is currently undisclosed.