Snap adds new Features for User Engagement

Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP)announced on Monday that it will be adding new features to increase user engagement by changing its user interface up. Snap shares were trading 2 percent higher shortly after the opening bell on Tuesday.

Snapchat will be adding a new group video chat feature, where up to 16 friends in a group can talk via a mobile device’s camera or 32 if the group uses a group voice call. Snap says users can use “Lenses” which will allow users to either join in a voice chat or send messages while other members of the group converse.

Along with the group video chat, Snap added small tweaks and features, such as a Bitmoji popping up and greeting users to combat the bland texting look of chats. The company will also add a tagging feature where friends can @ other friends in their stories.

Snap said the tagging feature is something “influencers/celebs will be particularly excited about,” said The Verge. This will allow users to tag a brand or business, offering more advertisements or promotional features.

The added new features are to help the company retain as well as increase its users engagement and time spent on the application. The company has already had a steady daily active user growth rate of 5 percent quarter over quarter or 18 percent year over year.

The new features seem like a combination of Facebook’s Messenger video group chat and Facebook-owned Instagram’s @ feature on stories. Facebook has had its group video chat feature since 2016 and Instagram allowed users to tag other users since around when the feature was added.

Facebook and Instagram have both implemented Snap features on their platforms after a reportedly failed buyout attempt.

The feature will launch globally throughout the week.

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