Snap to Redesign App Interface

Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) announced on Wednesday a newly redesigned interface on its application to separate itself from other social media applications. The company is creating two different content pages, one for friends and the other professional content creators. Snap shares rose by 2.3 percent shortly after Wednesday’s open.

Snap CEO, Evan Spiegel previously addressed the new redesigned layout in an earnings call to be able to distinguish it from other platforms such as Facebook, that has everything merged into one giant news feed.

The current Snapchat interface combines the Discovery page along with the user’s friends’ stories list. Users have complained repeatedly that the interface is too confusing and clustered. Analysts have said that the complicated use of Snapchat is what has hindered its growth.

“While blurring the lines between professional content creators and your friends has been an interesting Internet experiment, it has also produced some strange side-effects (like fake news) and made us feel like we have to perform for our friends rather than just express ourselves,” said Snap in the statement.

The new redesigned layout will allow users to swipe left to open what is now the combined page of chats and stories. Swiping right will open the Discovery page. The Discovery page will still contain news and published content. Snap also changed the vertical scroll down or up, to a horizontal scroll instead to set itself apart from the standard social media platforms.

Along with the interface change, Snap introduced a new algorithm: dynamic Friends page. The algo will make it easier for users to locate friends on the application rather than scrolling endlessly to find that one person.

The one thing the company will continue to have is the ads. With the new interface, Snap is hoping to draw in new users, while maintaining the current user base.

Snap says the new design will be available to a small percentage of users, and in the next several weeks more users will receive the update.

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