Snowden continues to have contact with Russian Intelligence Services

According to a declassified segment of a House Intelligence Committee report, Edward Snowden, former Central Intelligence Agency employee and former contractor for the US government continues to have contact with Russian Intelligence Services. The Pentagon had discovered 13 high risk security issues that were caused by Snowden as he revealed sensitive documents to media outlets.

The report stated that, “American troops will be at greater risk in any future conflict, if Russians or Chinese acquired access to materials related to these issues. “The committee remains concerned that more than three years after the start of the unauthorized disclosures, NSA, and the Intelligence Community (IC) as a whole, have not done enough to minimize the risk of another massive unauthorized disclosure,” the report said.

Snowden resides in Moscow after a deal was made after his leaks of classified information in 2013 triggered international outrage over newly found U.S. spy operations.

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