Social responsible Investing

There are a plethora of options when it comes to what to invest in.  Ever considered Socially responsible stocks? Well so have many others.

Although fairly new, social responsible investing has skyrocketed in popularity, especially among millennials. This may be due to the fact that apps such as STASH allows for people to invest in ETS while also provide a “sustainable” low cost investment vehicles.  According to STASH, they have a particular investment portfolio called “ Do the Right Thing” this collection of shares are from companies that support business and causes such as giving back, sustainability and human rights.

According to an article in Kipling the amount of assets that utilizes SRI (Sustainable and Responsible Investment) “totaled nearly $7 trillion in 2014” This number hit $8.72 trillion in 2016 according to The United States Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum.

STASH touts that their selection of social responsible ETF’s will help investors who believe in supporting a cause whilst helping also educating their clients about the underlying fund, “Maybe you want to sleep well at night, knowing your money is behind companies that make doing good a priority. If so, you are part of a growing trend toward investing along with your passions. Maybe you think doing good could translate into better performance over time. Maybe both. After all, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice results in order to do what you feel is right.” As stated on STASH’s website for their ‘ Do the right thing fund.

Who knows, giving the current environmental turmoil, perhaps STASH and other Social responsible ETF investments are on to something.

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