Sonic Healthcare Selects Translational Softwares Pharmacogenomics Platform to Advance Precision Medicine in Australia

Software®, Inc. (TSI), a global leader in the intelligent use of
genetic data for clinical decision support, has finalized an agreement
with Sonic Genetics, a member of Sonic Healthcare, one of the world’s
largest medical diagnostics companies, to provide pharmacogenomic (PGx)
decision support for lab testing services in Australia. PGx testing
assesses an individual’s genomic markers to predict clinical response to
specific medications to help clinicians more closely tailor personalized

Sonic Genetics chose to partner with TSI based on its robust
knowledge-base of actively curated, evidence-based PGx content. TSI’s
proprietary knowledge platform provides flexible reporting, genomic
decision support and critical alerts regarding drug efficacy, toxicity
and known interactions to guide clinical decision-making and enable
physicians to prescribe the most effective medications. With clinical
reporting for 65 genes, TSI’s PGx platform can be tailored to a variety
of clinical specialties including cardiovascular, psychiatric, pain,
internal medicine and geriatrics. Most importantly, TSI’s platform is
rigorously curated and continually updated to prevent alert fatigue by
only surfacing information that has the highest levels of evidence.

Sonic Genetics is at the forefront of providing comprehensive genetic
testing services, offering thousands of genetic tests to support the
optimal management of patient care, with laboratories across Australia,
UK, Europe and USA. “We are pleased to extend our genetic testing
services with Translational Software’s PGx platform to help clinicians
ensure more precise patient treatment,” stated Dr. Colin Goldschmidt,
CEO and managing director at Sonic Healthcare Limited. “We look forward
to collaborating with a leading genomic data pioneer like TSI to offer
the widest range of genetic testing services possible for our clients in
Australia to advance the adoption of precision medicine and improve
healthcare outcomes.”

TSI’s solutions empower customers to offer scalable and cost-effective
precision medicine services. In addition to the most comprehensive and
flexible PGx reporting solution available, the company offers an API
that enables software providers to quickly expand their applications
with PGx-based knowledge. With this powerful foundation, TSI is aligning
with industry thought leaders such as Sonic Healthcare to help bring PGx
closer to the point of care.

“Expanding the availability of PGx testing for clinicians is an
essential first step for ensuring the integration of precision medicine
into clinical practice,” stated Don
Rule, CEO of TSI. “We are excited to work with Sonic
Healthcare to help inform safer and more effective treatment decisions
for its customers and their patients in Australia.”

About Sonic Healthcare:

Sonic Healthcare (
is an international medical diagnostics company, offering extensive
laboratory medicine/pathology and radiology services to the medical
community. With 33,000 employees around the world, Sonic Healthcare is
recognised for quality and service excellence, innovative technology,
commitment to staff and continuing financial strength. Sonic Healthcare
is represented in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany,
Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and the USA. The global head office of
Sonic Healthcare is in Sydney, Australia.

About Translational Software, Inc.

Translational Software enables healthcare providers to realize the
promise of precision medicine. We simplify complex genetic data into
evidence-based actionable recommendations to deliver genomic decision
support in platform agnostic formats. Our PGx knowledge base and Fast
Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR)-based API has been used to
provide over one million PGx recommendations. To learn more visit us at

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