South Korea conducts mock nuclear site attack to warn Kim Jong Un


North Korea escalated things by carrying out yet another test of a detonating device and South Korea has responded by carrying out a mock attack on Kim Jong Un's nuclear site. The move is being seen as South Korea's clear warning to its long standing adversary. Meanwhile, the U.S. president has indicated that he is considering cutting of trade relations with all countries that have business links with North Korea. Clearly, South Korea is not in the mood to wait and see if the President's pressure tactics will have any impact on Kim Jong Un.

Conducts live fire exercises

As part of the mock attack, South Korean military carried out the simulated attack on the Punggye-ri nuclear test site right after the largest nuclear test was held here by the Kim Jong Un regime. As part of this mock attack, South Korea deployed its Hyunmoo ballistic missiles and also brought in F-15K jets. Troops were also brought in at many unknown locations, it is believed. The exercises will continue with U.S. support say experts.

According to Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff, a long range air to ground missile was tested alongside a surface to surface missile and they both reached their targets successfully. They have also stated that the military exercises that have been planned now to be conducted in conjunction with U.S. forces will serve to show North Korea what it is facing up against.

Talks with China to subdue North Korea

South Korea is also keenly pursuing other methods to try and keep the situation from worsening any further. As part of these efforts, talks have been going on between the nation and Japan to look at how the latter can wield its influence on Kim Jong Un to set the stage for a non- violent interaction.  Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan stated that  stronger UN sanctions may work to convince North Korea to come to negotiations. South Korea is leaving no stone unturned in equipping itself to handle any threat from North Korea though. Reports have come in that the nation is all set to give the green signal to additional deployments of the U.S. missile system on its soil.

Responding to questions about the North Korean missile test, U.S. defense secretary James Mattis has stated that an attack on any U.S. territory or U.S. ally will be met 'with massive military response'.

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